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Texas Forensic Associates

A professional consortium comprised of subject matter experts in a wide range of scientific and investigative disciplines providing forensic education, training and consultation.


Truth Through Evidence

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Our Mission

At TxFACT our mission is to provide the highest quality training, education and analytical case consultation found anywhere. Our Associates are Senior Criminal Investigators, Forensic Scientists and Forensic Practitioners. Each Associate has been accepted as Subject Matter Experts in their respective disciplines. The broad knowledge base offered by our Associates allows TxFACT to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to law enforcement training and incident analysis.

UV / IR Photography

Texas Forensic Associates, TxFACT,  was proud to present UV / IR Photography hosted by the Southlake Police Department. Southlake is always a great host. The students were positive and engaged making it enjoyable to spend a few days with them. The students learned new photography processes which will change their investigations dramatically! The Fuji X-T1 IR cameras were graciously provided by Fuji for the class. TxFACT is excited to announce that we have been selected as the OFFICIAL Law Enforcemnt / Military trainer for the Fuji X-T1 IR camera in the United States!

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Latent Fingerprint Comparison - ADVANCED

Dec. 11-15 2023  Garland, TX - 40 Hrs

Tuition $595 Early / $695 @ Door   

Register 2024

Blood, Bullets and More

Jan. 10-12, 2024 Athens, Tx - 24 Hrs         

Tuition $395 Early / $495 @ Door              


Digital Police Photography

Feb. 13-15, 2024  Athens, Tx - 24 Hrs                

Tuition $395 Early / $495 @ Door              


Sexual Assault Investigation

Feb. 21-23, 2024  Athens, TX - 24 Hrs                   

Tuition $395 Early / $495 @ Door              


Palm Print Identification

April. 1-3, 2023  Gerogetown, TX - 24 Hrs                   

Tuition $395 Early / $495 @ Door